Approach Anxiety

Approach anxiety means that you are anxious to approach women. This comes for instance from the fear of rejection.

I want to tell you in this post: You better fail instead of not trying at all.

I mean think about it. Do you want to do zero and get zero? Or do you want more experiences you can learn of? I think that you are better of with rejection. Zero will get you zero further.

Why are you anxious? Is it the fear of rejection? I know that rejection is not nice to experience. Please move on and deal with it.

It is not excluded that you cannot reinitiate after rejection. Try again!

When women are destructive to you I strongly recommend you to move to another set right away

An example of a woman who was destructive to me:

Ray: Let me ask you: What is a good place to go out?

She: to the left and to the right

This was not a good experience to me. But hey, let´’s move on. Not that this happens very often but with this example I want to show you to move on to the next set.

In case you receive constructive feedback from a woman. Embrace it, really do.

To overcome fears is a goal which we may work on.

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