Rock Solid Confidence

Confidence is an emotion. To emote means that you convey healthy emotions as a demonstration of higher value.

Healthy confidence means that you are not arrogant or insecure because this is a demonstration of lower value.

Remember the time that you experienced the emotion confidence. What did you see, hear and feel?

Ofcourse you have had the experiences in your life of being totally confident. Think about it.

The mindset I suggest to you is: I have healthy confidence, which I experienced before. Going back in the past to those experiences will make me feel also confident in the present. This is a mind experiment and is very useful.

People around you will sense that you are a confident man once you install rock solid confidence.

Being a confident, dominant and powerful masculine man is very useful in pickup arts.

Get more confident experiences under your belt and keep striving towards becoming the rock solid confident man you wish to become.

Have rock solid confidence.


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