Coaching session in Amsterdam

I hope that you are interested in a coaching session in Amsterdam. In other cities there are also possiblities. But the scenes in Amsterdam are from my perspective the best ones for pickup.

I suggest that we are going to have a good night out on a saturday evening. This is from 19h until 23h. You literally get 4 hours of coaching.

I am going to make you approach many good looking women and together, we will fix what went wrong.

I am here to help you and will provide you with good feedback..

From trial and error I know that from the error you can learn much.

Later, we will evaluate how the sets were going. 

It is time for a change. Transform yourself and have fun.

This coaching session is 1-on-1.

For the coaching session in Amsterdam I charge now 100 euro.

Please send me a message to or contact me by Whatsapp

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