Infield Coaching

Infield coaching on a saturday evening in Amsterdam.

This will take place from 19h until 23h. Literally 4 hours of coaching.

I charge for this now just 100 euro. During this evening we are going to approach many good quality women.

Important is that you wear ok neat shoes in order to get in scenes like Palladium, de Kroon and the Mansion. Jeans are ok, but I prefer neat pants.

I am going to help you to make a move in such way that it is confident, dominant, powerful and attractive.

To feel comfortable is important when you approach. Because once you feel comfortable, women around you will also feel comfortable.

An opener we will practice is the following: let me ask you, what is a good place to go out?

This opener we will practice before we are going to be inside a fancy place. Let me ask you, is a dominant start of the interactions you will have with women.

This is also meant to get you in a flow state. Say that you approached much women with an opinion opener (let me ask you, what is a good place to go out?)  or situational opener (is this amsterdam?) then you will get access to the flow state.

We will also work on your bodylanguage. Since communication statistics consists for 93% of subcommunication. Words just 7%.

Please send me a message by whatsapp to 0653779294 or write me an e-mail to In case you are interested. Let this be a breakthrough in your life and use the benefits of the coaching session in Amsterdam fully.

The coaching session is 1-on-1. I am looking forward to hear from you.

Take care,