Inner game event

In Amsterdam I would like to throw a pickup artist inner game event.

In case you interested please contact me. When I have enough people for the event then I am going to organise it.

During this event I am going to talk about:

Your lifestyle. Time management comes in handy in here. For instance going to the gym regularly.

Your interests. Meet people in these interests. Interests for example like martial arts, psychology seminars, music and dancing.

Your mindset. Each men in the world can successfully attract a woman. Pickup arts is learnable and fun to do so. It will get better and better over time due to your experience.

Defining sticking points like: Approach anxiety and the fear of rejection. This we will discuss.

Your presence. How to transform your look (fashion, gym and haircut) but also important is that you realize that body language is more important than the words you utter. In communication statistics, words are just 7 % of communication according to science. Subcommunication or Body Language is far more important.

Feel comfortable. In order to make a woman feel comfortable around you, it is important that you feel comfortable. This is the mindset.

Now take action by contacting me. I would love to hear from you.