Private Counseling

During the private counseling, together we are going to work on your presence, inner game and mindset. We will also talk about sticking points.

Counseling is the best way to change and transform yourself.

We will cover:

How to get rid of problems

How to find a solution

The development of knowledge and experience.

In case you have any questions just contact me and we will talk about it.

Private Counseling is 100 euro. This we may do in Amsterdam.

See the private counseling is an update about pickup. I can give you more knowledge about, and also I have some canned routines for you.

Not that I only operate with routines because spontaneity is also good, but some material may be usefull.

Regarding routines, breathing is a routine. Keep breathing slow.

I would like to know from you: What are you going for in pickup?

Are you looking for a girlfriend?

Do you want more women in your social circle?

Do you want to have more fun with women?

Do you have any sticking points?

This we may talk about.

Important from my perspective is that you make a good distinction between people that are constructive and destructive. Because, destructive people we do not need.

Constructive feedback from me (Raymond) or from women and friends. Embrace that, really do.

Good luck!